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markets-inset-newWhile many markets may face similar product development and problem-solving challenges, each has unique conditions and requirements.

When your product meets acoustic design targets off the production line, you can be sure that you’ll intrinsically meet each and every quality metric. In other words, if you do not meet your quality standards, your product will not achieve desired acoustic performance! An investment in proper acoustic design at the earliest stages of development will inherently reduce the costs associated with sub-par quality. That means true ROI!

Phase1 Acoustics brings vast experience from several industries, which gives us a broader perspective than if we had been pigeonholed in the vacuum of serving only one or two markets. This versatile background enables us to help sharpen your competitive edge by applying practices and procedures you might not have considered.

Markets We Serve


automotive-inset-final-2Our specialized NVH project experience includes continual integration of analytical and experimental efforts from initial design through development. We have simulation and experimental expertise using both chassis and engine dynamometers to refine or improve NVH performance. Services include body structure performance using damping, sealing and desensitization to improve powertrain noise, road noise and idle quality.

  • Structures
    • Acoustic Performance
    • Body Sealing
    • Desensitization
    • Damping Design
  • Powertrain and Acceleration Noise
  • Road Noise and Road Boom
  • Constant Speed Noise
  • Idle Quality
  • High-speed Shake and Shimmy


industry-inset-finalPhase1 Acoustics offers design for acoustic satisfaction when the heart of your product is a motor, pump or fan.

Successful acoustic product design, coupled with robust manufacturing, results in a product that meets customer quality expectations. Simply put, users equate acoustic response and vibration with product quality. Inadequate design or manufacturing results in inconsistent and poor acoustic and vibration performance, which is perceived as a poor quality and, thereby, negatively impacts product marketability.

Whether your business is an OES or OEM, we help integrate motors, pumps and blowers so your product meets demanding acoustic performance. Successful dynamic integration contributes to reduced cost for both the supplier and manufacturer.

If your industry is ancillary machinery, consumer white goods or medical equipment, we can help you improve mature products or design your next-generation of offerings.

  • Rotational Machines
    • BLDC Motors
  • Low-noise Bearing Design
  • Low-noise Motor Controls
  • Acoustic Fan Performance
  • Acoustic Material Design Optimization
  • Flexible Rotor Analysis


room-acoustics-inset-finalPhase1 Acoustics believes that success is based on establishing requirements and performance specifications for your small to moderate room concepts, including:

  • Home Theater
  • Recording Studios
  • Podcast and Voice-over Solutions
  • Conference Rooms
  • Exam Rooms for Privacy

Design for success now, so you don’t need to fix it later!


Anechoic-Chamber-SmallDo you need help interpreting customer requirements and specifications? Phase1 Acoustics specializes in acoustic laboratory testing and evaluation of a wide range of acoustic and vibration materials. We also provide material analysis for analytical and experimental correlation studies, including sound absorption, viscoelastic damping characterization and design. And, we can help you develop material properties to support your FEA process.

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